Neptali de Rama

This wasn’t supposed to happen.

You were supposed to be around.

To say “I do” to your beloved,
grow old together
as you care for her and she cares for you

To see your baby grow up,
fuss over her messy eating,
hear her say her first words,
see her off to preschool,
kiss away her boo-boos
share your love of the mountains

You were supposed to be around
To goof off with your nephews and nieces
And cousins and brothers
To chat and laugh, over coffee, beer, sushi, pulled pork or adobo
Oh and rice…always lots of rice
To talk about life, the universe, and All The Star Wars Things

You were supposed to be around
As our elders tell us
Their own parenting adventures
Things in their rearview, and in our current view

But you’re not around anymore
And you won’t be. Ever.
And so the ones left behind
Will have to find
Their own ways of saying goodbye

Rest in Peace Nep. We miss you every day.



Adventures of a young family